Frequently Asked Questions 

Wedding Dress Shopping Checklist
A few notes to keep in mind:

  • If you make decisions quickly without trying lots of possibilities, do you have cash or credit card with you so that you can purchase the perfect gown immediately? Remember that all White Room Too gowns are sold off the rack and can sell any minute or day.  As we enter our busiest time of year, we want to make sure you are taking home your amazing gown and not coming back for a broken heart (if another customer purchased it while you were 'thinking on it.')
  • If you enjoy trying on every style and designer, have you visited other bridal shops before White Room Too so that you will feel comfortable buying the perfect gown when you find it here?  
  • If you have a favorite bra or body shaper, you may want to bring it along, as some dresses fit differently depending on the undergarments.
  • You may wish to bring one or two friends to help you decide. More than that, while welcome, sometimes takes the focus off of the experience.


Do I need to schedule an appointment?

The White Room Too Outlet does not take appointments. Our well trained staff is available to help you anytime we are open. We are here to assist you with trying on gowns, answering any questions you might have, and offering options that you might not have thought of. 


Who & what should I bring shopping with me?

We ask that you keep your guests limited to 4 guests. We also recommend that you make sure the individuals you bring will support your vision and taste. Although we love kids, we recommend that you do not bring children to make sure the experience is focused solely on you!
Please bring the proper undergarments bridal shopping. The requested undergarments would be a strapless bra (if preferred) and proper underwear to be worn while you are trying on wedding gowns.


Have the off-the-rack dresses in the salon been previously worn down the aisle?

No! We do not sell used wedding dresses! The White Room Too is not a consignment wedding dress store. All of our off-the-rack gowns have either been tried-on during bridal appointments and in some cases, not even then! We take the time to ensure that every gown in our salon can be worn down the aisle looking custom-made just for you!


What type of condition are the designer stock and sample gowns in?

Our wedding dresses are in wonderful condition - a perk of knowing exactly where they are coming from (our sister store, The White Room Lebanon) and how well they have been taken care of before entering our store. Also, we do not sell used wedding dresses!
We conduct a thorough check on the gown to ensure that the quality is in top shape although of course, part of the reason some of the deals are as excellent as they are is because occasionally some gowns are in need of small repairs. This means you get the amazing savings and we’ll help give some information on how to fix those imperfections for you to take to a seamstress (and we have those we can schedule you with here too). We ensure that any necessary small repairs can be done by the seamstress and the end result is a gown that looks brand new!


What sizes can you find in-store? What if I am not your typical sample size?

We carry a wide selection of bridal gowns with sizes ranging from 8 to 26! We receive our wedding dress samples from our sister store, The White Room Lebanon, who carries the leading designers in a range of sizes!
If you have specific questions about the average size on specific designers please call or email us at (615) 848-5262 or
Remember! Alterations can dramatically aid the fit of a gown and all of our stylists are trained to understand which styles and designs can be altered to make the dress larger or smaller. No matter if your gown is custom ordered or off-the-rack, almost all brides will need alterations regardless. If you are in need of seamstress recommendations - we have partnered with the best local seamstresses that can put that final touch on your dream dress!


Do I get to take my dress home the same day? What if my wedding is in a couple weeks?

Yes Yes Yes! The beauty of having gowns be off-rack means that your dress can be taken home the same day you purchase it! (The dress you try on and fall in love with IS the dress you take with you!) This means that if you are on a time crunch to find the perfect dress - we are here for you!


Do you HOLD gowns?

Due to the nature of our store, we are unable to hold gowns. Leaving a dress behind is taking a risk that another bride will purchase it and there may not be another.


How does the experience differ between an Off the Rack store (The White Room Too) & a salon where you order your wedding dress (The White Room Lebanon)?

There is NO difference! We make sure that your bridal experience feels exactly the same as any other bridal salon. While shopping, you will work with one of our highly trained stylists whose entire goal is to find you the dress of your dreams! The only difference is that our gowns are a fraction of the cost and you get to take your dream dress home the same day!

Please call or email with any other questions.  We are here to help and most certainly cannot wait to find the perfect gown for you (at a fraction of the cost).